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2002  Starting from Rochefort, across southern Biscay to Bilbao, along the north coast of Spain, in and out of the Rias, down the Atlantic coast of Portugal and round Cape St Vincent to the Algarve.  Lagos for the winter 2002/3.  1730 nautical miles.

2003  From Lagos, more of the Algarve, the Atlantic coast of southern Spain, Gibraltar, across to Morocco, back to Spain and up the river to Seville.  Once more past Gibraltar, past the Costa del Sol as quickly as possible and round the corner to Alicante.  East to Formentera, through the other Balearics and then to Bonifacio on Corsica.  Finally across to Ostia (Rome) for the winter.  1750 nautical miles.

2004  Westwards from Rome to the Costa Smeralda, Sardinia, back east to the Bay of Naples, then on south to the Aeolian Islands and Sicily. Circumnavigation of Sicily, with a side trip to Malta and Gozo.  Portorosa on Sicily for the winter. 1775 nautical miles.

2005  More pottering around the Aeolian Islands, through the Strait of Messina and round to Toarmina on Sicily.  Away east under the boot of Italy with an excursion up into the Gulf of Taranto.  From the heel of Italy across to Ionian Greece and some meandering around the Ionian Islands.  Preveza for the winter. 1670 nautical miles.

2006  From Preveza north west to Corfu and then across to the Adriatic caost of Italy.  Up the Italian coast to Ortona and the across to Croatia.  Explored the southern Dalmatian Islands and visited Split and Dubrovnik.  After calls at the islands of Lastovo and Vis, back to Preveza for the winter.  1765 nautical miles.

2007  Once again north west from Preveza and across to the Italian Adriatic coast.  Hopped all the way up to Venice and the across to Istria in the north of Croatia.  Meandered down the coast of Istria, and through the northern Dalmatian Islands and on to the marine reserve of the Kornati Islands.  Than back through the southern Dalmatian Islands and as the last call in Croatia, to Dubrovnik.  Finally a windy run back to Preveza.  1830 nautical miles.

2008  Early season visiting Ionian Islands, and round into the Gulf of Corinth.  Back to Preveza for high summer.  Later in the season, anti clockwise round the Peleponessos, across into the Aegean to the near Cycladean island of Milos.  Back to Hydra and the Saronic Gulf, through the Corinth Canal and back to Preveza again.  1430 nautical miles.

2009  Left Preveza for the last time, through the Corinth Canal to the Saronic Gulf and Aegina.  Round Cape Sounion and up to the Northern Sporades.  Uo into the Gulf of Volos, back to the Sporades and north to Halkidi.  All the way up to Thessaloniki before going southeast to Limnos, Agios Evstratios and Lesbos in the eastern Aegean. Said goodbye to Greece and on to Ayvalik in north-western Turkey for the winter. 1420 nautical miles.

2010  From Ayvalik, north into the Sea of Marmara, to Istanbul then through the Bosphorus into the Black Sea and up the Bulgarian coast as far as Varna. Speedily, back south to Cesme and then back up to Ayvalik.  A late season potter as far south as Kusadasi and then back to Ayvalik by way of the Greek Islands of Chios and Lesbos.  1480 nautical miles.

2011  Early season, left Ayvalik and sailed south in the SE Aegean calling at some of the Dodecanese islands before re-entering Turkey at Marmaris.  Thence to Finike for the summer.  Autumn we went east as far as Mersin and back and then spent a week or three pottering between Finike and Kas.  1490 nautical miles.

2012  From Finike SE to Limassol, Southern Cyprus thence to Herzliya, Israel.  After a 2 week stay back to Finike with a stop at Larnaca, Southern Cyprus. Plus a bit of pottering along the S Turkish coast before and after the trip to Israel.  1180 nautical miles.

2013 in the Yard  For major work to replace the teak deck.

2013 Cruise  A short cruise from Finike into the Aegean and back again.  A mere 400 nautical miles.

2014  Left Finike and headed west, leaving Turkey at Datça headed across to Kos and the Dodecanese, then west through the Cyclades, round the Peleponessos and finally north to Preveza for the winter. 1235 nautical miles.

2015  From Finike to the Aeolian Islands, southern Sicily, the Egadi Islands, Pantelleria then to Malta and Gozo and to Riposto, Sicily for the winter.  1500 nautical miles.

2016  From Riposto along the North coast of Sicily and back, up the Italian coast to Salerno and the across to Sardinia.  North to La Maddelena, south to Cagliari round the south side of Sicily and across to Preveza for the winter.  1820 nautical miles.

2017  From Preveza across the Adriatic to the Italian coast, north up the coast then back across the Adriatic to Croatia and then south to Montenegro and back to the Ionian and Preveza for the winter.  1190 nautical miles.

2018  Back east again!  First cruise of the year from Preveza to Leros, back to the UK for the summer followed by an autumn potter in the eastern Aegean. Approx. 950 nautical miles in total.